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Traditional condemnations of real property, as described in Chapter 40A, provide a 30-day notice to landowners that their property is being taken. This notice provides important information for the property owner - a statement of intent to seize, a description of the purpose of the seizure and the amount being offered for the property. This 30-day period was considered fair notice.

WorkersComp32_07022014Many condemnations today follow not the Chapter 40A format, but the "quick taking" format described in Chapter 136. Chapter 136 lawsuits dispense with the 30-day period and cause the title of the property in question to be vested immediately. Federal regulation requires the condemning authority, even under Chapter 136, to give the property owner a meaningful opportunity to negotiate or risk losing federal funds for the project.

Whether the condemnor provided fair notice is an important question of any eminent domain challenge. Our lawyers at the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm know what to look for and when to present fair notice and other process questions in condemnation challenges.

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Condemnation law can be complex and arcane. When a condemning agency sets its sights on your property, you owe it to yourself to consider hiring capable counsel to negotiate the complexities. The NC Eminent Domain Law Firm has experience at both the administrative and trial levels. Our mission always is to arrive at a fair settlement, one that respects your rights and provides you with just compensation for your property.

Our firm works for you on a contingency fee basis. This means if we don't get you any additional compensation over what the government offered you for your property, we don't recover an attorney's fee.

An experienced NC Eminent Domain Law Firm attorney may be able to help you fight for the full compensation for your property that you may deserve. Call the North Carolina attorneys for condemnation and fair notice issues toll free statewide at 1-877-393-4990 today for a no-cost case evaluation or describe your situation using this online form.


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