North Carolina Eminent Domain Lawyers

“Good People to Have on Your Side”

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100-Year-Old Family Land

Marty R and his sister inherited land that has been in their family since the 1800s. The core of it was the farm their father grew up on.

During the Depression their grandfather was among the few Americans who had no debt – and even had some cash. So he was able to take advantage of low prices to buy adjacent property for cash.

Marty recalled family stories of how they came to own some of this land, “So many farmers took out loans before the Depression to expand their operations and then they went broke and lost their farms. I don’t know if my grandfather saw it coming or he just didn’t need the land or didn’t need the money that badly, but he had cash when the Depression came. He was able to purchase some land from his neighbor.”

Condemned for a Water Tower

Fast forward almost 100 years, and a portion of that family land would be condemned under eminent domain by the City of Kannapolis to construct a water tower.

As expected, this taking did not sit well with our clients. Not only had this land been in their family for generations, they currently use it to grow timber.

With so much at stake, Marty knew he needed someone with proven expertise to help negotiate the taking. Someone that practiced only eminent domain law.

“I contacted you all and found pretty much what I was looking for. I figured that if you just practice one part of the law and you spend a lot of time keeping up with the new decisions… you guys seemed to know what you were talking about,” Marty shared.

Marty worked with attorney, Kenneth Bryan to negotiate a fair compensation.

Kenneth “Went Above and Beyond”

Marty confided, “I am very pleased with the firm’s performance, particularly attorney, Kenneth Bryan. I found him very easy to work with, apparently pleased to explain the legal points of the case, always happy to answer questions, clear when explaining what was needed in terms of evidence, and remarkably available when I needed to speak with him. He went above and beyond what was required, even helping me to get funds that had been deposited with the court disbursed.”

Marty said he would recommend Kenneth and the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm “highly” to anyone whose property has been, or is likely to be, taken under threat of eminent domain.

“They are good people to have on your side.”