North Carolina Eminent Domain Lawyers

Just like that, the Smiths were out of the cattle business

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“They put a bypass through the middle of it.”

About 40 years ago, Grover Smith and his wife, Katherine, bought a farm and began raising cattle. The land had once belonged to Grover’s grandfather.

When the Smiths learned the state had their eye on the farm for a potential project, the idea didn’t really gel until a North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) official showed up at their house with the final plans for a four-lane highway bypass running right through the middle of their farm!

“Half of it’s on one side of it, half of it’s on the other,” exclaimed Grover. “And I’ve got to go a mile and a half to two miles down to get around to the other side.”

Just like that, the Smiths were out of the cattle business.

“[Stan’s] a good person to know.”

A neighbor told the Smiths about Stan Abrams. At that point, Stan had just stopped working on behalf of the NCDOT on eminent domain cases, and started working for the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm because he wanted to advocate for the property owners instead of the NCDOT. Grover and Katherine were among the first to sign up.

Grover recalls thinking, “He’ll know both ends of the rope. And that’s a good person to know.”

With Stan and the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm on his side, Grover was able to triple* his settlement with the state. Since then, Grover has referred other people who need help on Eminent Domain matters to the firm and to Stan, in particular. “I would refer again, too,” he says. “He’s a fine man.”