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Back Creek Church Road

Fast Facts

City Project # 512-09-022
Type: Road improvements (curb & gutter, bike path, multi use path and sidewalk, turning lanes)
Affected Counties: Mecklenburg
Estimated Cost: $4,700,000


The Back Creek Church Road project is a construction project by the City of Charlotte designed to improve Back Creek Church Rd from NC Hwy 49 to Rock River Road. Improvements being considered include:

  • bicycle lanes
  • curb and gutter
  • lighting and landscaping
  • medians, crosswalks and signalization
  • planting strips
  • sidewalks
  • storm drainage infrastructure
  • turn lanes

The stretch in question is approximately 2 miles long. According to the City of Charlotte, the purpose of this project is to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians and to alleviate traffic.


The project is divided into 4 sections, click on a map to view each of the sections.

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4


  • 1st public meeting – September 2009
  • 2nd public meeting – December 2010
  • Planning & Design – 2011
  • Real estate acquisition – currently underway
  • Construction -TBD

Property Takings

Right of way acquisition is currently underway for the Back Creek Church Road project. Residents who will be affected should receive offers soon, if they haven’t already.

If your property will be affected, contact one of our attorneys for a free case evaluation.