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Charlotte Blue Line Extension

Fast Facts

Project # TE-4901
Type: Fixed Guideway
Affected Counties: Charlotte-Mecklenburg
Estimated Cost: $1,159,224,000
Completion date: 2013


The city of Charlotte is planning on adding several new light-rail stations to the city as part of its University City Area Plan. The corridor project is broken into four sections: Northeast, North, South and Southeast. The Northeast Corridor, called the Blue Line Extension (project TE-4901), is a 9.2-mile extension project that includes 11 new light-rail stations including Parkwood, 25th Street, 36th Street, Sugar Creek, Old Concord Road and Tom Hunter. The new light-rail stations will connect the Ninth Street station to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department, the expansion is supposed to provide an easier commute for people to travel between the university’s campus and downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. The new light-rail stations are predicted to provide faster travel and lessen the amount of traffic on the interstate highway.

The contract for the new light-rail line means that the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will spend $580 million, the city of Charlotte and Charlotte Area Transit will spend $250 million and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will spend $299 million.





  • Start Construction – November 2013
  • End Construction –  2017

Property Takings

Right-of-way acquisitions are set to begin in 2013, though no information has been released about what kind of budget has been set for property takings. Many property owners may be affected by the light-rail extension in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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