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Extension of Fire Tower Road

Fast Facts

Project # U-5006
Type: Widening and New Location
Affected Counties: Pitt
Estimated Cost: $20,500,000


This project is designed to extend Fire Tower Road from the proposed Greenville Southwest bypass to Memorial Drive in Pitt County near Greenville, North Carolina. The primary purpose of the project, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is to improve East to West connectivity between Memorial Drive and the proposed Greenville Southwest bypass. The project is supposed to provide easier access to Pitt Community College and other local destinations in the Greenville area. This project is expected to relieve traffic along Forlines Road as well.

The NCDOT projects that by the year 2035, Fire Tower Road, Memorial Drive, Reedy Branch Road, Davenport Farm Road and Forlines Road are expected to be over capacity and the project is designed to alleviate some of the traffic on these roads. The projected area for this project is rapidly growing and will not be able to sustain future traffic growth without expansion. There are currently six alternatives being studied.


  • March 2011: NCDOT began the environmental planning for the extension of Fire Tower Road as a pilot project under the new streamlining process.
  • January 2012: Meeting was held among NCDOT and state and federal environmental agencies to introduce merger team and discuss possible concerns and resources.
  • May 2012: NCDOT held a Citizen’s Information Workshop at Pitt Community College to inform the public about the planning process and gather feedback about the project.




  • Environmental Assessment: February 2014
  • Final Environmental Document: January 2016
  • Right-of-way Acquisition: 2020
  • Construction: Currently Unfunded

Property Takings

Right-of-way acquisition is not scheduled to begin until the year 2020; as of now no properties have been taken. The NCDOT has not released information on its website about the number of properties that may be affected by the extension of Fire Tower Road.

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