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McLeansville Road Bridge

Fast Facts

Project P-5204
Type: New Bridge
Affected Counties: Guilford
Estimated Cost: $7,067,200


The McLeansville Road Bridge is a project by the North Carolina Department of Transportation and City of Greensboro to build a new bridge on McLeansville Road over the North Carolina Railroad tracks.

Currently the road has a railroad crossing, but once the bridge is built, trains will be able to pass under the bridge uninterrupted and motorists will cross overtop - eliminating train-vehicle conflicts. The new bridge will be approximately 120 feet west of the existing crossing.

Due to the relocation (for grade and sight distance considerations), the DOT also plans to realign Bethel Church Road, so that it can reconnect to McLeansville, approximately 350 feet south. They will extend Hines Andrews Road to reconnect to Bethel Church Rd, once it's realigned, and the north end of Bethel Church Rd. will be a cul-de-sac.

The NCDOT also plans to close the railroad crossing at Carmon Road and the private Bullard and Black railroad crossing.

This project is part of the NCDOT's Piedmont Improvement Program to "increase railroad capacity, efficiency and safety," as well as to reduce train horn noise.

Because of the nature of these tracks, trains waiting for one another to pass can block traffic for up to an hour. According to the Transportation Department, currently this section of railroad sees between 11-16 trains per day and volumes are expected to double over the next 20 years.

This rail section is part of the federally-designated Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor (SEHSR) that connects the north and south east.


The NCDOT held a public seminar for this project on Thursday, June 13, 2013.

Environmental Assessment



  • Right of Way Acquisition - Currently underway
  • Construction - Fall 2014
  • Completion - 2016

Property Takings

This project will require three residential relocations and one business relocation. The DOT has budgeted approximately $900,000 for this project.

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