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Winston-Salem Northern Beltway

Fast Facts

Project # U-2579, R-2247
Type: New multi-lane freeway
Affected Counties: Forsyth
Construction Start Date: 2015


The Winston-Salem Northern Beltway is a planned 34.2-mile multi-lane freeway that will circle the northern part of Winston-Salem from US 158 to US 311. North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) officials say the new road will help relieve congestion along US 421, Business 40 and US 52.

The beltway will be constructed in two parts: The western section, labeled project #R-2247, which will run from US 158 to US 52, and the eastern section, labeled project #U-2579, which will run from US 52 to US 311.

Construction of the eastern section will provide a corridor for the future I-74, which has been designated a High Priority Corridor on the National Highway System. A protected corridor was established in 2008 to prevent future development along this route.

The project has been included in the Urban Loop Acceleration Plan, and the NCDOT is now purchasing property in the right-of-way for the eastern section. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2015.





  • Right-of-Way Acquisitions – 2012
  • Construction to Begin – 2015
  • Environmental Impact Statement – Complete

Property Takings

At an August 2008 public hearing, the NCDOT distributed information about the project, which included potential property relocations. According to a handout distributed at the meeting, as many as 694 residences, 31 businesses, one church and one farm could be affected by construction of the eastern section. The budget for right-of-way acquisitions was set at $204.17 million.

No information has been publicized about how many properties may be affected by construction of the western section or how much the budget is for property acquisition.

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