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Our guarantee - if we don't get you MORE than the government's offer, we'll WAIVE OUR ATTORNEYS' FEE.

"We are paid a percentage of what you gain, so it's in both of our best interests to get you as much as possible (and certainly more) than the government's offer." -- Attorney Stan Abrams.

Your property is your investment - and it deserves to be treated as such, even when you're forced to sell it to the government.

If you want to try to make the most on your investment, you may want to hire an attorney. But many people are afraid that hiring an attorney will cut into their settlement and they'll receive less in the end.

At our firm, we've addressed this concern by operating on a contingency fee basis. It works like this:

You get to keep the government's first offer (all of it -- minus any mortgages or liens on the property). Then, we negotiate with the government for more. If we're successful, we take a percentage of that amount. If we're not, you don't pay any attorneys' fees.

For example:


How do we try to get more for your property?

Combined, our experienced eminent domain attorneys have literally overseen hundreds of land condemnations in their 20+ combined years as land condemnation attorneys, so they're very aware of the types of issues that may make your property more valuable and how to try to prove these claims in court (if necessary).

In general, we'll try to develop enough evidence to use as leverage when negotiating with the government. Oftentimes we do this by hiring experts, such as appraisers, civil engineers, surveyors, etc., as necessary.

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Still not sure if we're the right fit for you? Then try us out - for free! First we'll evaluate your case, if we think we might be able to help, here's what you may receive:

  • Our analysis of your property and the government's plans for it
  • An explanation of the legal aspects of the eminent domain process
  • A professional evaluation of the government's offer (if you've received one)

All for no cost and there is no obligation to hire us afterward. We just want to help NC landowners better understand all of their options.

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