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29 Businesses Could be Displaced by Plans to Overhaul Capital Boulevard

Excavator_06062014The N.C. Department of Transportation is planning to replace two old bridges along Capital Boulevard at Peace Street and Wade Avenue, and if the city gets its way, the plans could cost as much as $74.6 million and relocate 29 businesses.

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The NC DOT says it can replace the ramps at Wade Avenue and the interchange at Peace Street with similar structures for $40.4 million. However, the city would like to upgrade the bridges to meet long-term goals for economic development, helping to relieve traffic and to provide more options for pedestrians, bicycles, intercity trains, and regional transit.

The city's plans would create a loop on either side of Capital for the Peace Street interchange and would create longer exit ramps at Wade and a new traffic pattern. If these plans are approved, it could push the budget for the project to $74.6 million and could force 29 businesses to relocate.

Officials held a public meeting on Oct. 22 to get feedback on the design options. If the city's proposed plans are approved, the DOT says it might ask the city to contribute funding for the project.

The DOT plans to begin construction in 2016 to replace the bridges that are almost 60 years old. Construction would take more than two years, depending on the final design.

The plans to replace the bridges are part of a long-range plan to prepare for a light-right rail and an Amtrak route to Richmond.

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