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Businesses in Limbo as Officials Consider Plans for Capital Boulevard Improvements

As the N.C. Department of Transportation and the City of Raleigh discuss different options for bridge improvements on Capital Boulevard, at least 29 businesses are left in limbo while they wait to see whether their property could be affected by the eminent domain projects.

The NC DOT is planning to replace two bridges: One at Peace Street and one at Wade Avenue. The bridges can be replaced with similar structures for about $40.4 million, but the city would like to improve the structures to meet long-term goals for traffic relief and economic development along the corridor. If the city's plans are implemented, the cost would rise to $74.6 million, and at least 29 businesses would have to be relocated.

Building_07022014What the Project Means for Business

City officials are currently in discussions with the NC DOT about which plans will be chosen for the final renovation project, leaving businesses uncertain about their future. Even if the city's plans are chosen, construction is not scheduled to begin until 2016, meaning businesses have a few years before the final effects of the project are felt.

If the city's plans are chosen, officials with the N.C. Department of Transportation will move forward with plans, which will include scheduling property acquisitions. No timeline has been set for right-of-way purchases, so businesses would be in limbo while waiting to be given an offer for their property. That means businesses would also be on hold for making plans for relocation, including finding a new property and beginning the complex process of moving business operations.

Even once the NC DOT begins making offers for the properties it needs to acquire, businesses will likely need to begin a negotiation process to ensure that they are receiving the maximum value for their property allowable under the law.

North Carolina Eminent Domain Lawyers

In our experience, the DOT -- like any other buyer -- will try to acquire property for the lowest amount possible, which is not in the best interests of business owners who may be losing their land to the Capital Boulevard bridge improvements.

The NC Eminent Domain Law Firm recommends that any businesses who may be affected by the Capital Boulevard improvement projects contact a qualified eminent domain attorney to find out what your legal rights are. Stan Abrams, the lead attorney at the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm, has experience litigating cases on behalf of the Department of Transportation, and he can offer advice about how to try to get the full compensation for your property allowed under the law.

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