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How to Potentially Get More Money out of the Government for Your Land

This typically means getting you to sign over your land as soon as possible for as little as possible. The negotiator’s job is not necessarily to pay what you feel you deserve for your property.

The course of your financial future could be significantly altered depending on whether you receive $20,000 or $200,000 for your home or business. But even if a property owner knows the NCDOT’s first offer isn’t fair, they may not know how to get a better price.

Here’s a case where a business owner wagered that he might potentially get a better price if he called us.

20 Years in Limbo, No Money – A Case I’ll Never Forget
As long as I live I’ll never forget a case we recently represented. Our client, a business owner, was unable to sell or rent his business facility for over 20 years because the NCDOT had his property earmarked for an upcoming roadway. For 20 years our client waited in limbo. The government didn’t offer money, take the property, or do anything but wait. Yet our client continued to pay taxes on it, losing money every year for 20 years.Finally when the NCDOT did knock on his door with their “fair” offer, they had all kinds of reasons why they could only offer our client just so much. The building had to be demolished and they wanted to deduct that cost from the client’s settlement offer. The NCDOT even labeled his business as “acreage” when it was in the heart of a downtown business area with sewer and water hook-ups, and other utilities.When we got involved, we were able to put our resources to work and prove to the NCDOT why the property was worth more than double* what they had offered. Fortunately, after reviewing undisputable evidence we provided, they agreed with us, and our client walked away much happier.

Two of Our Attorneys Used to Negotiate on Behalf of the NCDOT
The eminent domain process is extremely complicated and can be difficult to navigate – sometimes even for those with experience. At our firm, we strategize about the best way to strengthen an owner’s argument and hire appraisers, land planners, engineers, or other experts as needed.

Two of our eminent domain lawyers have more than 20 years of combined experience working on land condemnation cases (including when they handled cases for the NCDOT), our attorneys can look at the project plans for your property and quickly see some of the issues you may be faced with – issues that the average owner (or even the average attorney who does not normally practice eminent domain law) may not recognize.

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* Each case is unique and must be evaluated on its individual merits. Past results do not guarantee future outcomes.