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NC Transportation Bill – To Pave the Way For More Road Projects

Highway4_06062014How can you initiate more road projects with less money? Governor Pat McCrory is trying to answer that very question with his newly proposed Strategic Mobility Formula.

According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, NC’s population is expected to increase by more than 1.3 million people over the next 10 years. More people will naturally mean more traffic. However, the state’s funding for transportation projects is projected to decrease by $1.7 billion during this same timeframe.

To begin the needed projects, without raising taxes, Gov. McCrory proposed a bill that aims to end the current system of dividing funds equally among the state’s 14 transportation divisions.

The “data driven” approach
Instead, McCrory’s plan would set up three categories of projects (state, regional and divisional) and projects in each of these groups would be given priority based on their “ranking.” The plan does not currently detail how the ranking will be determined, but McCrory’s goal is that it will be a “data-driven” system.

According to the NCDOT, the shift in funding will allow for more focus on construction projects, rather than maintenance. They assure residents that needed road maintenance will continue. However, maintenance projects may have to compete with construction initiatives for funding.

The NCDOT reports that their current 10-year plan includes 175 projects and creates 174,000 jobs, but they estimate that the new plan would fund at least 260 projects and create more than 240,000 jobs.

House approved
The NC House has currently approved the bill. It will go back for a final vote and then move to the Senate.

If passed, the NCDOT says that the system will be implemented immediately, but “projects already scheduled for construction between now and when the new processes are fully functional will remain funded.”

Is your land in the way of a government project?HouseDemolition_06262014
In our experience, the DOT — like any other buyer — will try to buy your property for the lowest amount possible.

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