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How Will the US Highway 17 Improvement Project Affect Me and My Property?


Road projects can have a big impact on your quality of life - and your investments. A highway running through your front yard - or through the middle of your property - may likely devalue it, whether it's your home, farm or currently unused land - or all three.

A road that takes half of your parking lot - or the building you own - could prove devastating to your business.

Our NC eminent domain attorneys - who used to work with the NCDOT - analyzed the US Highway 17 Improvement Project in Jones and Onslow counties and found that this project is identified as a hurricane evacuation route by the North Carolina Strategic Highway Corridor Program. It includes taking a great deal of property that could possibly have significant impact on your community.

This project:

  1. Affects homeowners, farm owners, businesses, places of worship, and general landowners. They could face:
    1. Loss of business assets
    2. Divided properties
    3. Relocation - if their home/building is demolished
  2. Involves several smaller town bypasses to be constructed along Highway 17. Homeowners and businesses both in the towns and just outside them may see significant declines in property value. The impact on values can be immediate or take time to develop. Many are left in limbo about whether to stay or go.

If you're being affected, you should know that, in our experience, the government's offer can often be too low and may not take everything into account (such as some of the issues we found).

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