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Greensboro Urban Loop

Fast Facts

Project # U-2524C, U-2524D and U-2525B
Type: New freeway construction
Affected Counties: Guilford
Estimated Cost: $308.1 million (construction for these three projects only)
Construction Start Date: Estimated to be completed in 2021


The Greensboro Urban Loop (projects #U-2524 and #U-2525) will be a new 44-mile freeway providing a bypass loop around Greensboro. The future I-840 is intended to provide a more direct route for traffic coming from south and east of the city and traveling to points north and west of the city. Currently, drivers must use I-40 to pass through the city.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has said that the project will improve congestion on I-40, particularly around points of connection with businesses along I-85 and U.S. 29, 70, 220 and 421.

Three projects of note are currently under construction and will complete the loop:

  • Western Loop from Bryan Boulevard (SR 2176) to Battleground Avenue (US220), which is labeled project # U-2524C
  • Western Loop from Battleground Avenue (US220) to Lawndale Drive (SR 2303), which is labeled project # U-2524D
  • Eastern Loop from U.S. 29 to U.S. 70, which is labeled project # U-2525B

The two Western Loop projects are projected to be six lanes, and the Eastern Loop project will be four lanes. New interchanges and bridges will be included in the project.

Right-of-way acquisitions are currently under way for all three projects. Construction is scheduled to begin on the first part of the Western Loop next year, with the second half scheduled to begin in 2017. Construction on the Eastern Loop is expected to begin in 2014.

The Greensboro Urban Loop is included in the Urban Loops Projects Acceleration Plan, and the NCDOT has said that it will use bonds to accelerate the project to provide jobs for the local community.


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Project Schedule

Draft Environmental Impact Statement: Complete
Final Environmental Impact Statement: Complete
Air Quality Analysis: Complete
Right-of-Way Acquisition: Underway

Property Takings

The NCDOT is currently contacting property owners to acquire properties that are in the path of the proposed Greensboro Urban Loop. The NCDOT has not announced how many properties it expects to be impacted by the project, or how much it has budgeted for property acquisition.

Only the budget for the right-of-way acquisitions for project U-2525B (the Eastern Loop) has been estimated: $15.4 million.

The NCDOT previously purchased 24 properties in Cotswold Village in anticipation of the loop. At a public hearing in 2011, residents complained that a lack of upkeep on those properties (which are currently being rented) had lowered the value of the surrounding homes by as much as 30 percent. Residents petitioned to have those properties demolished instead.