Commercial Takings

For many business and commercial property owners, an eminent domain taking is a threat to your livelihood. You have to ask for – and fight for – the full compensation you may be entitled to.

Our former NCDOT attorneys have helped our clients get an average of 3x more than the government’s initial offer.1 Some commercial property owners may be able to fight for much more.

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Issues you may be facing


The government can take or “condemn” some or all of your commercial property for the public good. It must compensate you fairly for what it takes, but who decides what is fair? Allow us to explain.

Inverse condemnation

If the government takes or harms your property without compensating you, that may be inverse condemnation. You should seek compensation for the harm that’s been done. Here’s what you should know.


If it takes an easement, the government is taking the right to use your property without actually owning it. These may be tricky and can remove a lot of your property rights. Find out more.


Eminent domain appraisals are used to put a value on your commercial property – both before and after the government takes what it wants. Learn more about these special appraisals and what to watch for.


If forced to move, your business may be entitled to relocation-related expenses. These will never be in the initial offer. You have to ask, and often fight, to get them. Here’s what you should know.

Eminent domain process: Commercial

The clock starts
The initial offer
We advocate
You could get a second check
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The moment you know the government is coming to take your property, it’s time to act even if the actual taking is years away!

Use the time to find out what effects the taking may have on your property, how you can use it, and its value. You may have years, months, or weeks. Just know that once the acquisition phase begins, the process moves quickly.

Engage a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Our firm works on a contingency fee arrangement. That means no up-front costs, and you have someone to deal with appraisers and right-of-way agents on your behalf. Plus, there’s more time to build your case.
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The government will appraise your property, form an opinion on its value, and make you an offer. We find that these appraisals are often flawed, and in any case, the government is like any other buyer. They want the property for as little as possible. If you accept the initial offer, you cannot negotiate for more in the future!

There’s a way to collect the funds of the initial offer without accepting it. We’ll help you do that for free, and we don’t take a penny of that initial offer. Our fee only comes from the amount we’re able to get above the initial offer. So if we don’t get you more than the initial offer, you don’t owe us anything. Guaranteed.
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Once the initial offer is made and you refuse to settle for it, the fight for more begins. We gather evidence, may engage experts, and assemble a case to try to prove your property’s “highest and best use.”

We use the leverage of our research and evidence to negotiate for maximum compensation on your behalf. 

We front all of the expenses related to your case. We pay for the appraisal. We put in the hours and do the legwork. And if we can’t get the government to raise its initial offer, you won’t pay anything. Not a dime. Guaranteed. That’s how confident we are in our ability to try to get you more.
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Once we believe we’ve got a truly fair offer to compensate you for the land or rights being taken, we’ll ask for your permission to resolve the case, and collect on your behalf.

It’s rare, but sometimes we believe your best interests would be served by going to trial. That will be your choice. We do have an active litigation practice, and the experience to help guide you through the litigation process, and even trial, if that’s what is needed in your case.

Once your case is resolved, our attorney’s fee is paid. Our fee comes only from the amount won above the initial offer. We’ll be repaid the costs incurred in the case on your behalf, and the net recovery comes straight to you.

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