Contingency fees & our guarantee

We only charge a fee based on what we are able to obtain above what the government initially offered you.

Contingency fees & our guarantee

It can be both intimidating and expensive to fight the government alone on the loss of your land or home through eminent domain. But we have a solution to help you afford quality legal representation to fight for the full compensation that you may deserve.


At the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that if we don’t get you any additional compensation over what the government offered you for your property, we don’t recover an attorney’s fee. We only charge a fee based on what we are able to obtain above what the government initially offered you.

GUARANTEE: Proving your property’s worth can be expensive. It often requires hiring experts and long hours. But we’re so confident in our work that we front all costs and guarantee you’ll pay nothing if we don’t get you more than the government’s offer.

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Eminent domain attorney fees: Frequently asked questions

Many people are interested in hiring an eminent domain attorney when they first get word that the government is taking their land. A huge concern that (unnecessarily) prevents some property owners from hiring an attorney to advocate for them is the belief that an attorney is unaffordable. Here’s why that’s not true at the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm.

Are you leaving significant money on the table? Get a free case evaluation

Still not sure if we’re the right fit for you? Then try us out – for free! First, we’ll evaluate your case and if we think we might be able to help, here’s what you can receive:

  • Our analysis of your property and the government’s plans for it
  • An explanation of the legal aspects of the eminent domain process
  • A professional evaluation of the government’s offer (if you’ve received one)

All for no cost, with no obligation to hire us afterward. We want to help NC landowners better understand all of their options.

If you have any questions, or would like to claim your free case evaluation, contact us or call us at 1-877-393-4990.

Get a free case evaluation

Get a free case
evaluation today.

There are only a handful of attorneys in NC who practice eminent domain exclusively, and even fewer with NCDOT experience. We have several. That’s why its worth getting in touch with us for a free case evaluation.

Here’s how it works:

1) Tell us about your situation.

2) We research your property as needed, using DOT maps, our own technology, and experience to see the exact effects.

3) We let you know what we think a fair offer would be. This evaluation is free, and there’s no
pressure or obligation to hire us after.

But please don’t wait to act. Waiting can hurt your case, and the cost is the same: free.

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