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If you believe your property may be condemned, you should take action immediately to prepare a legal response. Waiting too long to contact an eminent domain lawyer can have permanent and negative effects on your claim.

Another common mistake is dealing with condemning agencies before consulting with an eminent domain lawyer. An experienced lawyer will do your talking for you, without giving the other side information that can harm you.

Eminent Domain Dos And Don’ts

There are several eminent domain dos and don’ts to be aware of. Most of them involve keeping your condemnation defense strategy to yourself.

  • Be careful what you say on the telephone or in meetings. If you are being recorded, your statements can be used against you later. At a minimum, the government and its appraiser are writing down what you tell them.
  • Speak to an attorney before applying for building permits, tax assessment or zoning changes, or other status-changing requests.
  • Keep your information to yourself. Let your lawyer decide what financial and property information to share.
  • Don’t let your property deteriorate. Mow the lawn. Repair damaged items. Paint. “Letting your property go” will only strengthen the case for devaluing your property.

Eminent Domain Lawyers With Offices In 17 NC Cities

Condemnation is a complex area of law that even lawyers who are not experienced in eminent domain may struggle with. If you are trying to achieve optimal results, choose a law firm that knows North Carolina eminent domain law backward and forward and has helped other property owners in the same situation as you.

Our firm works for you on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t pay us an attorney’s fee unless we get you more for your property than what the government offered.

An experienced eminent domain law firm may be able to help you fight for the full compensation for your property that you may deserve.

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