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Is the government abusing its power, and your rights as a property owner, in your eminent domain case? Find out now.

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The law allows the state to take your property for public use: to widen a road or to create a park, hospital, or library. It is a very significant power because early lawmakers knew that the state had an interest in community improvement.

But it is a power that can easily be abused. The kinds of abuse include:

  • Lack of due process. For example, the condemning authority tells you that the project is “needed,” your neighbors asked for it, it will benefit your property, and suggests that the municipal sewer department’s money would be better spent on anything other than paying you for your land.
  • Unjust compensation. An appraisal is supposed to arrive at the market value for the property being condemned, but agencies, just like any other buyer, naturally want to pay as little as they possibly can.
  • Undermining the value of the property. For example, your property is zoned for agricultural low-density residential while the other three corners are retail and the city has been planning for a decade to put a fire station on your property.
  • The appraisal. For example, the condemning authority doesn’t offer you a copy of the appraisal and you don’t know to ask for it. They ignore your concerns, possibly don’t even contact you at all except by letter. Finally, they tell you there isn’t time to negotiate because the construction schedule is too tight. Another example would be where the condemning authority hires two appraisers to value your property, and, only gives you a copy of one of the appraisals even after you asked for both.

Eminent domain is a powerful tool of the government, but you still have rights. You don’t have to accept the offer the government or another condemning agency is making. The government does not have the right to force an offer that falls below market value.

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