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The government can take business property as well as residential property under the power of eminent domain. Many business owners are shocked to learn that business losses caused by condemnation are not factored into the offer of compensation. But it is true. Except in rare instances, the government will not pay you for your lost business profits or for the interruption of your business during construction. It isn’t fair. You have been injured. But, it is the law. That is why it is important to fight for all the compensation for which you may be entitled.

Protecting Your Business Property Rights

So, how do we try to make sure you are treated fairly, treated justly, and paid what you are owed for the taking of your commercial property?

In every case, we conduct a “Comprehensive Value Analysis.” This simply means that we will take our experience and look at the factors a sophisticated buyer would consider when valuing your commercial, industrial or office property.

When all or a part of a business is being acquired, a “Comprehensive Value Analysis” often requires a multidisciplinary team including, if needed, an environmental consultant, a land planner, a traffic consultant, a commercial realtor, an engineer, an economist and an appraiser – all overseen and coordinated by an experienced condemnation attorney.

The quality of your team counts. We have a network of professionals who have designed regional malls, rezoned thousands of acres for all types of uses, and who are experienced in their various professions both in North Carolina and regionally.

If you are a business owner whose land is being partially or completely taken by the government, take advantage of your free consultation and talk to us. You will be glad you did.

Business Eminent Domain Lawyers Serving The People Of North Carolina

Business owners are sometimes reluctant to hire an eminent domain attorney, reasoning that hiring an attorney is just another expense. This overlooks the reality that the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm does condemnation cases on a contingency basis. If we are unable to get you more than the government’s offer, you don’t owe us an attorney’s fee. Every dollar we negotiate above the government’s offer is a gain for you. Capable eminent domain representation provides the kind of limited risk return on investment most businesses look for.

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Our North Carolina business condemnation lawyers work on a contingency basis – you owe us no attorney’s fee unless we deliver additional compensation above the government’s offer. An experienced NC Eminent Domain Law Firm attorney may be able to help you fight for the full compensation for your property that you may deserve.