Camden Road Widening

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NCDOT TIP # U-3422
Project Type:
Road widening
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The Fayetteville outer loop, also known as I-295, has been influencing road construction and traffic flow – and affecting property owners – in Cumberland County for years. Multiple projects are still underway, and now the NCDOT is moving to widen the last 3.3 mile stretch of Camden Road between Hope Mills Road and I-295.

The project seeks to widen the two-lane road to a four-lane road with a raised median. To do so, the NCDOT will take some or all of nearly 200 parcels of land along that stretch. For homeowners, this could bring traffic closer to their doors and reduce the value of their properties drastically. For business and commercial property owners, it could mean losing parking, signage, and even access as traffic flow is altered. These factors combined could greatly reduce their ability to do business.

And no matter what kind of property is affected, these takings may alter the parcel in such a way as to make structures – homes or businesses – nonconforming, rendering them difficult or impossible to use or sell.

Property owners should bear these facts in mind, and be aware that the NCDOT’s initial offer may not account for the real value of the property, and may not take into account the effect of the taking on the property’s ability to conform to the rules. Projects along Camden Road have claimed some or all of numerous parcels. One woman lost her home. She was reimbursed, but did not feel the process was fair, according to news reports.

Nearly 200 properties will be affected by this new phase of widening, and the NCDOT has set aside approximately $7.2 million to compensate property owners along this 3.3-mile stretch. The projected project completion date is sometime in 2025.

Don’t wait for the NCDOT to come knocking – you can get ahead of them by acting immediately. If you own a property affected by the Camden Road Widening project, call us at 877-393-4990 or contact us online for a free case evaluation. Ask about our no-fee guarantee – our clients pay us nothing unless we collect for them!


U-3422 Camden Road Widening Map 1

U-3422 Camden Road Widening Map 2

U-3422 Camden Road Widening Map 3

U-3422 Camden Road Widening Map 4


  • Right-of-way acquisition – Fall 2021
  • Start Construction – 2023
  • End Construction – 2025

Property Takings

It is estimated that this project will impact nearly 200 properties. Currently, the NCDOT has set aside more than $7,200,000 for right-of-way takings. If your property will be affected, contact one of our attorneys (four of whom previously worked on behalf of a state DOT) for a free case evaluation.

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