Fernando Moore

Fernando Moore

Fernando Moore was about to sign a permanent utility easement contract giving the state permission to run some utility lines on portion of his business property – a Church’s Chicken drive thru. This Church’s Chicken, incidentally, was going to be Mr. Moore’s retirement nest egg.

Although the NCDOT assured Fernando the easement would not affect his day to day operations, something made him hesitate, and he didn’t sign the contract. Instead, he called a friend for advice who had been in a similar situation. His friend’s advice was to call us.

Mr. Moore confided that contacting us was one of the best decisions he had ever made. Turns out, the day to day operations of that drive thru were affected. Very much so. That utility easement took away about half of the parking spaces, causing a negative impact on his business.

Attorney Jason Campbell took his case to trial, where he convinced a jury to make the NCDOT increase their original offer of less than $40,000 to more than $400,000*. More than ten times the NCDOT’s original offer.