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There are only a handful of former NCDOT attorneys who now work for property owners. We have four.

4 former NCDOT attorneys. Nearly 3x more for your property.1 Or more.

We know eminent domain. We know the NCDOT. And we know you’re likely not being offered enough for your property. Let’s fight for more.

As seen on TV (And elsewhere)

We don’t just know eminent domain. We teach it to other attorneys. It’s no surprise then that when the media needs someone to speak knowledgeably for a story, they turn to us. Nearly 100 newspapers, networks, and websites have.


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Commercial Property and Condemnations

Business owners often have the most to lose when it comes to eminent domain.

But that also means we can often help make an even greater impact.

While our average resolution is 3x the initial offers1 for our clients as a whole, we’ve often made an even more significant difference for our commercial clients.

Issues you may be facing


If a government taking forces you to move, your relocation costs should be covered. They likely won’t offer this compensation – you have to fight for it.


Home or business condemned? That means the government is suing you. Let us take the case, handle the paperwork, and navigate the process for you.

Inverse condemnation

Government or utility project infringing on your property? They should pay you for that – even if they’re not actually taking the land.


Sometimes the government doesn’t take the land, it takes rights. Your property could be worth significantly less, and easement contracts can be very tricky.


Did the government use the right appraiser? Was it performed correctly? We know how to spot mistakes and hire the right appraisers for the job.

If we don’t win, you don’t pay a dime. Guaranteed.

When we say there’s no risk to hiring us, we mean it. We front the costs of your case, hiring experts, and our time. The cost is considerable, but so is our confidence.

If we can’t get the government to increase its offer, you pay nothing – not even the sunk costs of the case. Plus, we never touch the original offer. It’s yours to keep, no strings attached.

Our fee comes ONLY from the amount we get for you over the government’s original offer.


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There are only a handful of attorneys in NC who practice eminent domain exclusively, and even fewer with NCDOT experience. We have several. That’s why its worth getting in touch with us for a free case evaluation.

Here’s how it works:

1) Tell us about your situation.

2) We research your property as needed, using DOT maps, our own technology, and experience to see the exact effects.

3) We let you know what we think a fair offer would be. This evaluation is free, and there’s no
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But please don’t wait to act. Waiting can hurt your case, and the cost is the same: free.

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