What are NC Chapter 136 and Chapter 40A Takings?

Are you being impacted by North Carolina’s laws allowing eminent domain? You may be entitled to compensation.

What are NC Chapter 40A and Chapter 136 Takings?

Eminent domain is the power of the government to take your private property for a public purpose; these takings will interfere with your private use and enjoyment of the land. The process of taking land is called condemnation.

In North Carolina, the power of eminent domain is outlined in Chapter 40A and Chapter 136 of the state statutes. Chapter 40A applies to most municipalities, counties, and public utilities. Chapter 136 primarily applies to state agencies such as the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Each chapter outlines rules for the taking of private property for public use, as well as what compensation is required. Each has different rules for who can condemn property, and what damages are required to be paid.

Private condemnors

The right of condemnation extends to private entities under certain conditions. Procedures and limits for how private condemnors may operate are established by 40A.

Private condemnors may exercise eminent domain power for certain “public use and benefit” activities, including:

  • Corporations and companies building public utilities such as railroads, power substations, sewage systems, bus stations, etc.
  • Schools trying to obtain a pure and adequate water supply.


Seeking just compensation

While the NCDOT may increase their compensation at any time, the original deposit of compensation allows the DOT to take ownership of the land. The initial deposit may be withdrawn at any point by the owner – even as they continue to fight for additional compensation. The landowner has 12 months from when the condemnation action was served upon the landowner to file an official response with the court claiming they have not received adequate just compensation.

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Our “second check” contingency fee arrangement

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We have a network of professionals to draw on as needed in determining the true value of your land, including:

  • Appraisers
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  • Engineers
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