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Eminent domain attorneys answer top 5 concerns

  Q&A With Eminent Domain Attorneys Stan Adams, Jason Campbell and Kenneth Bryan When property owners get a letter from…

NC’s street designs and what to do when your property is needed for one

Safety and efficiency are always a priority when planning communities, towns, and cities. From the street designs to sidewalks, bus…

10 eminent domain obstacles business owners face – and what we can do to help

Sometimes it may seem as though, if you are a business owner in North Carolina, the eminent domain laws are…

12 things business owners should know before hiring an eminent domain attorney

If you have received a condemnation letter from the NCDOT we urge you to contact an eminent domain attorney. But…

N.C. 540 southeast extension right of way seminar questions spark second seminar

When the government wants your property or business to build a highway, you're likely to have questions and concerns. Recently…

281 homes and businesses to be displaced to complete I-540

Attorney & Author Jason Campbell has been involved with the I-540 project for nearly as long as it’s been on…

Why is NC designing complete streets? And what if your property is taken for one?

The concept of Complete Streets is pretty simple. It's a roadway that is functionally and aesthetically designed for everyone including…

Why shouldn’t I get my own eminent domain appraisal?

I'm coming clean. I can't stand caviar. First (only) time I tried it I felt like Tom Hanks in the…

NC property owners likely owed millions after Map Act reversal — lawmakers respond by capping interest

The Fayetteville Outer Loop is a North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) project which has been restricting property owners since…

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