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What not to do: Avoid these 6 things when the government takes your land

If the NCDOT is coming for your property, what they take could have a huge impact on your home or…

Government taking your land? Here are five important steps you should take

What would you do if your home or business was suddenly being taken away from you? Believe it or not,…

Fewer cars on the road leads to delays in eminent domain cases

COVID-19 leads to less traffic in North Carolina As I drove on I-40 between Durham and Raleigh, I remember how…

How to try to get the most from your eminent domain land taking

Receiving a phone call or letter from the government notifying you that they will be taking your property under the…

5 things property owners want to know about eminent domain compensation

You’ve received notice that the government is planning to take part of or all of your land for an eminent…

How NC eminent domain law works: A case study of Duke and the Durham-Orange light rail

The government can condemn private homeowners’ property, home, or business under the law of eminent domain. But did you know…

Eminent domain attorneys answer top 5 concerns

  Q&A With Eminent Domain Attorneys Stan Adams, Jason Campbell and Kenneth Bryan When property owners get a letter from…

NC’s street designs and what to do when your property is needed for one

Safety and efficiency are always a priority when planning communities, towns, and cities. From the street designs to sidewalks, bus…

10 eminent domain obstacles business owners face – and what we can do to help

Sometimes it may seem as though, if you are a business owner in North Carolina, the eminent domain laws are…

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