North Carolina Eminent Domain Lawyers

North Carolina Eminent Domain Litigation Attorneys

Not every eminent domain case goes to litigation. Early in the process, it is often possible to negotiate terms with the “condemnor,” whether it is the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), a municipality, utility company, school district, airport, etc.

But once this condemnor files a lawsuit to take your property, the process becomes litigation – a legal battle between the condemnor and you.

Condemnation Dispute Lawyers With Home Offices In 14 NC Cities

Eminent domain litigation is your opportunity to say no to the condemnation of your property. The goal is usually not to prevent the loss of the property, but to try to ensure that you receive a fair price for what the government is taking.

In Property Disputes, Doing It Yourself Is No Substitute For Trying To Get What Is Fair

You have the option at this point of defending yourself against a team of skilled lawyers or hiring your own team to defend you. We want your business, of course, but we also know that individuals going up against experienced government attorneys typically do not fare well.

If you are unhappy with what the government has offered you, you have the right to ask for more. But, typically, this means the condemning authority will sue you to condemn the property. Your case can still settle, but you are involved in a lawsuit. In our opinion, you will need a lawyer – an experienced condemnation lawyer.

Your North Carolina Eminent Domain Civil Suit

The trial that follows is more complex than the initial negotiations. It allows full discovery and a more thorough analysis of the appraisal options before you. It is at this phase that a knowledgeable and experienced eminent domain attorney – one who can harness the input of appraisers, land planners, civil engineers, real estate agents, surveyors and environmentalists as appropriate – is most helpful.

You may find that this comprehensive, fact-based approach is an important key to potential eminent domain success.

North Carolina Eminent Domain Litigation Attorneys

For more information about eminent domain litigation, call the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm to learn how we may be able to help. We conduct eminent domain litigation from one end of North Carolina to the other. We are not afraid of going head to head against these agencies, and we have the knowledge and resources to do it.

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