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Eminent Domain Relocation Compensation

GoingtoSchool__05072014When the government decides to take your property under eminent domain, the prospect of losing your home is just one possibility you face.

If you are unable to successfully challenge the taking of your home, you will also have to find a new place to live, possibly even buy a new home, which is a long process. You will have to pack all your belongings, possibly hire movers, install new services, such as electricity and cable, and possibly even buy new furniture or appliances suitable for your new house.

Just compensation should encompass much more than the fair-market value of your house. The objective of providing fair compensation for taking your property under eminent domain should be to make you "whole" - so that you are in the same position you were before the taking, neither poorer nor richer.

In some cases, eminent domain laws entitle property owners to compensation for relocation expenses.

State And Federal Eminent Domain Law For Relocation Expenses

Eminent domain laws governing relocation expenses vary from state to state. In North Carolina, relocation assistance is available under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act. The amount available will vary from case to case, and not everyone will be eligible.

Some individuals may be able to receive:

  • Reimbursement for moving expenses
  • Payment to hire a relocation assistance agency
  • Payment for loss of tangible personal property as a result of the move
  • Rent or down payment supplement
  • Closing costs
  • Payment to cover increased mortgage interest rates

Some businesses may also be able to receive funds for moving expenses, search expenses, and re-establishment expenses. A displaced farm, nonprofit organization, or small business may qualify for up to $10,000 to establish the business at a new location.

At the federal level, the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act provides compensation for moving expenses and related relocation expenses (such as rent increases or a down payment) when an individual's property is taken under eminent domain for a federal project.

Why Hire A North Carolina Eminent Domain Lawyer?

The cost of losing your home is much greater than just the fair market value of your home.

Moving all of your personal property and establishing a new home somewhere else is an expensive and difficult process. If you have to move your business because your property was taken under eminent domain, you will face even greater expenses trying to re-establish your business operations at a new location.

You should not have to bear these expenses. A qualified North Carolina eminent domain lawyer at the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm may be able to help you get the full compensation that you may deserve, including the additional relocation or re-establishment expenses that you will face as a result of your move. Call 1-877-393-4990 for a free evaluation of your case and find out how we may be able to help you!

Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that if we don't recover any additional compensation over what the government offered you, we don't collect an attorney's fee.


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