North Carolina Eminent Domain Lawyers

What are some common reasons of why people may not hire an eminent domain attorney?

There are a number of reasons that property owners may not choose to hire an attorney. Many property owners may feel that the offer the government gives them is a fair one, and they don’t realize that they could get more for their property. Others may not understand their rights as property owners and may feel that they have no other option but to settle.

Some others may not want to challenge the government because they think it means that they are standing in the way of progress or that they are greedy for trying to get the full compensation they may deserve for their property.

In reality, the government may not always offer you the fair value for your property and you have rights. It’s not greedy to try and get what you deserve for a property that you have spent hard-earned money to own and perhaps spent years of your life in.

You won’t be standing in the way of progress to fight for additional compensation for your property. Many times, the government can carry through with plans to take your land while you continue to negotiate for more compensation.