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I-95/US 421 Interchange Improvements

Fast Facts

NCDOT TIP # I-5878
Project Type:
 Interchange improvements
Affected Counties:
Estimated Cost: $


The NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) plans to improve the I-95 interchange at US 421 (Exit 73) and the I-95 Interchange at Joe Pope Road (Exist 72). This construction is part of the NCDOT’s I-95 widening and general improvements with the purpose of increasing safety, alleviating traffic congestion, and repairing the overall quality of the roads.

The interchange at US 421 is one of six overpasses that will be rebuilt along I-95. The interchanges between Exits 70 and 77 were built in the 1960s, are outdated, and need to be brought into compliance with today’s safety standards. There will be longer exit and entrance ramps and taller, longer overpasses to accommodate an eventual eight-lane I-95 in 2026.

In addition to widening the I-95 bridge at US 421, one of the most significant changes to the interchange will be closing the existing southbound off-ramp at Exit 72. After the project is complete, southbound traffic will take the off-ramp at Exit 73, cross US 421, and drive along a new service road to reach Exit 72. Further, the northbound on-ramp at Exit 72 will no longer lead directly onto I-95. Instead, this on-ramp will run parallel to I-95, merge with the Exit 73 northbound off-ramp, cross over US 421, and then use the Exit 73 on-ramp to join I-95. These changes will affect travel routes around Dunn.

While these roads are being upgraded to accommodate traffic growth, some residents have expressed concerns about the impact these changes could have on the community, including their homes and businesses.


MapI-95/US 421 Interchange Improvements NC Eminent Domain Project Map 1

I-95/US 421 Interchange Improvements NC Eminent Domain Project Map 2


  • Right-of-way acquisition – 2018
  • Start Construction – 2019
  • End Construction – 2021

Property Takings

It is estimated that more than 60 parcels of property will be impacted by this project. Currently the NCDOT has set aside $4,320,000 for right-of-way takings. If your property will be affected, contact one of our attorneys (four of whom previously worked on behalf of the NCDOT) for a free case evaluation.