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421 Interchange with Neelley Road (Greensboro)

Fast Facts

Project Type:
Converting intersection to interchange
Affected Counties:
Estimated Cost: $


The City of Greensboro and North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) plan to convert the intersection of US 421 and Neelley Road (SR 3418) to an interchange.

Currently the intersection of 421 and Neelley is an “at grade” intersection – meaning that both roads run flat along the ground.

The plans include a “half clover” interchange” means one road (in this case Neelley) will be built above the other, and you will be able to access the roads by on/off ramps.

In addition, the plans include realigning Neelley road so that it will connect with Williams Dairy Road (SR 3329).

According to the City of Greensboro’s Handout, the previous “at grade” intersection will be closed and “all properties affected by the closing of the at-grade intersections will be provided access to the proposed project.”

This is the second of two planned interchanges for this The interchange at 421 and Woody Mill Road / Company Mill Road (Project R-2612A) has already been completed.

Safety has been cited as the primary reason for this project.


City of Greensboro’s maps:

  • Map 1 – Neelley Road / Williams Dairy Road (with property lines)
  • Map 2 – Along US 421 between Neelley Road and Woody Mill Road

NCDOT maps

  • Map 1 –  Neelley Road Interchange


Right of way acquisition is currently underway. Construction is expected to begin this year.

Property Takings

Over 50 property owners will be affected by this project – including 7 residents who will have to relocate. The NCDOT and City of Greensboro have budgeted $2,570,000 for right-of-way takings.

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