Greenville Southwest Bypass

Fast Facts

Fast Facts Project # R-2250
Type: Roadway Improvements
Affected Counties: Pitt
Estimated Cost: $231,800,000


The project will create a new 11-mile long road that begins at Memorial Drive which is 2.9 miles south of NC 102 and ends at the U.S. 264 Interchange. This project was selected as an alternative to renovations to Stantonsburg Road/Memorial Drive in Pitt County.

The project is split up into five segments: R-2250A, R-2250AB, R-2250B, R-2250BA and R-2250C. Section A spans from NC 11 to south of NC 102. Section B lies between NC 102 and Forlines Road. Section C lies between Forlines Road and U.S. 264.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation’s (NCDOT) purpose of the project is to improve traffic flow on Memorial Drive and Stantonsburg Road, and to lower congestion in Greenville in hopes of reducing the risk of potential accidents.


The schedule for the Greenville Southwest Bypass Project recently became part of an analysis of Urban Loop projects statewide.

The construction schedule for this project is still subject to change based on the availability of funding.

Project Schedule

The Final Environmental Impact Statement was approved in 2007.

Right-of-way acquisition for Section A is scheduled for 2019 with construction set to begin after 2020.

Right-of-way acquisition for Section B is scheduled for 2017 with construction set to begin in 2020.

Right-of-way acquisition for Section C is scheduled for 2014 with construction set to begin in 2018.

Property Takings

The NCDOT will begin property acquisition for residents within the boundaries of Section C (Forlines Road to U.S. 264) as early as 2014 with Sections B and A to follow in the coming years. The portion of the road that will be widened can be seen on the project maps above, but the number of businesses and residences to be affected is not listed.

The NCDOT has not advertised how much is budgeted for right-of-way acquisitions but the total budget of this project is expected to reach $231 million.

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