I-73 Connector (Greensboro)

Fast Facts

NCDOT TIP I-5110, R-2413A, R-2413B
Project Type: New Interstate & New Taxiway Bridge
Affected Counties: Guilford
Estimated Cost: $230.3 million


The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is in the process of building a north-south interstate that will give the Piedmont/Triad area a connection south, towards Myrtle Beach, SC and north to Martinsville, VA.

This interstate will be called “I-73.”

The Connector is one leg of this project around the city of Greensboro. Currently I-73 starts at the town of Ellerbe extends north from the, up through Asheboro, and joins the Greensboro Outer Loop.

This next portion, a 9.4 mile, 4-lane “connector” will begin at the Joseph M. Bryan Boulevard and Airport Parkway interchange (near the Piedmont Triad International Airport). It will follow along the new 220/NC 68 Connector (project R-2413 A&B), cross over NC 68, and end south of US 2201 near the Haw River.

This project was combined with the US 220/NC 68 connector and both projects have been contracted to the same company: Design-Build Team of Flatiron Constructors, Inc./Blythe Development Company.

Several bridges are included in the plans, including a taxiway bridge for connection from the airport over future I-73 to proposed development. Interchanges at NC 68 and NC 150 are also expected.

A temporary connection between Bryan Boulevard and North Regional Road was originally included in the plans, but it has been discarded due to the accelerated schedule. A retaining wall at the NC 68 interchange was eliminated from the plans as well.


The Connector was originally scheduled to begin construction in 2016, but the NCDOT and Greensboro’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) have been working to speed up construction.

Construction on the taxiway bridge is expected to begin in November 2014 and should be complete by August 2016.

The entire I-73 corridor is expected to be complete by April 2017.

Property Takings

Right of way acquisition is currently underway. $54.3 million has been set aside for property takings thus far.

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