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Island Road Bridge Replacement

Fast Facts

Project # B-4863
Type: Bridge Replacement
Affected Counties: Carteret
Estimated Cost: $26,353,000


In an effort to improve bridge safety and function, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will replace both Harkers Island Bridges (#73 and #96) on Harkers Island Road in Carteret County.

Bridge #73, also known as the Earl C. Davis Memorial Bridge, leading from Fishing Pier Island directly onto Harkers Island, has a sufficiency rating of 29 out of 100 and is considered structurally deficient.

Bridge #96 (the bridge from Carteret Beach onto Fishing Pier Island) is in good condition with a sufficiency rating of 47 out of 100. However it is considered functionally obsolete by current standards.

These two bridges provide the only access across the Straits by car to Harkers Island.

Both bridges will be replaced with either one or two fixed span bridges.


Carteret County News-Times: New bridge ideas draw comments

Project Schedule

  • Right-of-way acquisition – Late 2016
  • Start Construction – 2019
  • End Construction – 2022

Property Takings

Property owners from both Carteret Beach and Harkers Island will be impacted by this project. Currently the NCDOT has set aside $2,200,000 for right-of-way takings. If your property will be affected, contact one of our attorneys (four of whom previously worked on behalf of the NCDOT) for a free case evaluation.