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NC 107 and US 23 Business Upgrades

Fast Facts

NCDOT TIP # R-5600
Project Type:
 Roadway upgrade
Affected Counties:
Estimated Cost: $


The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will be upgrading a 2.6-mile stretch of NC 107, from just south of NC 116 to Municipal Drive near the Sylva Fire Department. A one-third mile stretch of US 23 Business from Skyland Drive (SR 1432) to the NC 107 Intersection, will also receive an upgrade.

The upgrade will consist of the converting much of this stretch to a superstreet design, meaning there will be concrete medians, the number of left-turns across traffic will be significantly reduced, and intentional U-turn locations will be added.  The project includes the addition of curb and gutter, as well as 5-foot bike lanes on both sides. The project aims to help reduce traffic and car accidents on NC 107 and improve safety in the area.

However, with the start of construction, more than 50 businesses are expected to be heavily impacted. Not only is the project expected to take 2+ years to finish, but the NCDOT is expected to condemn some of the business properties along this commercial corridor and destroy some of the buildings that are already there as part of the upgrade.

Moreover, relocating a business is no easy feat. In the NCDOT’s relocation report, they mention that “Suitable business sites in and around Sylva are very limited.” There are also homes in the area that could be impacted. With so many potential negative effects to business and homeowners alike in the area, we encourage everyone impacted by the project to ensure they are being treated fairly before accepting an offer.



NC 107 and US 23 Business Upgrades Eminent Domain Project Map 1


  • Right-of-way acquisition - 2020
  • Start Construction - late 2021
  • End Construction - 2026

Property Takings

It is estimated that more than 100 parcels of property will be impacted by this project. Currently the NCDOT has set aside $48,700,000 for right-of-way takings. If your property will be affected, contact one of our attorneys (three of whom previously worked on behalf of the NCDOT) for a free case evaluation.


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