NC 107 and US 23 Business Upgrades

Fast Facts

NCDOT TIP # R-5600
Project Type:
 Road Widening, Paving/Improving Shoulders
Affected Counties:
Estimated Cost: $


The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will be upgrading a 2.6-mile stretch of NC-107 from just south of NC 116 (Webster Road) to US 23 Business. A one-third mile stretch of US 23 Business will also receive an upgrade from Skyland Drive (SR 1432) to the US 23/NC 107 Intersection.

The full upgrade includes several different aspects. First, NC-107 will be widened to an extra lane, and several intersections will be changed. A 17.5 foot grass median will be added along NC-107 to the NC 116 intersection. Along this same route, 5 foot bike lanes are also planned additions. Finally, 5 foot sidewalks are to be placed next to the bike lanes.

While this project aims to reduce the heavy traffic and car accidents on NC-107 making these roads safer for drivers and pedestrians, it will also have a massive impact on local businesses and property owners. With the start of construction, more than 50 businesses are expected to be heavily impacted. Not only is the project expected to take more than two years to finish, but the NCDOT is expected to condemn some of the business properties along this commercial corridor and destroy some of the buildings that are already there as part of the upgrade.

As it stands now, possible roadwork casualties include Speedy’s Pizza; Sheds Hunting Supply; Mesquite Grill; Jackson County Veterinary Associates; O’Malley’s Pub & Grill; Cody’s Hotspot Gas & Convenience Store; Wendy’s; and Ryan’s Steakhouse.

Relocating a business is no easy feat. In the NCDOT’s relocation report, they mention that “Suitable business sites in and around Sylva are very limited.” There are also homes in the area that could be impacted. With so many potential negative effects to business and homeowners alike in the area, we encourage everyone impacted by the project to ensure they are being treated fairly before accepting an offer.

If you are a property owner or business facing an eminent domain proceeding as a result of this project, contact the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm.


NC 107 and US 23 Business Upgrades Eminent Domain Project Map 1


  • Right-of-way acquisition – Late 2021
  • Start Construction – Late 2024
  • End Construction – Late 2027

Property Takings

It is estimated that more than 100 parcels of property will be impacted by this project. Currently the NCDOT has set aside $53,340,000 for right-of-way takings. If your property will be affected, contact one of our attorneys (four of whom previously worked on behalf of the NCDOT) for a free case evaluation.

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