N.C. 16 Widening


Fast Facts

NCDOT TIP # R‐3100B (R‐3100A; R‐3100B)
Project Type:
 Road Widening
Affected Counties:
Estimated Cost: $
 55.7 million


Catawba County and the North Carolina Department of Transportation are in the process of widening NC 16 from Tower Road in Maiden, NC to Caleb Setzer Road in Newton.

This roughly 9-mile stretch is currently a two-land road, but under the new design it will become a 4 lane “superstreet.” Click here for more information about superstreet designs.

The purpose of this project is for safety and traffic control as this section of road is expected to nearly exceed capacity within the next 25 years, according to Catawba County.

Officials have also said that the widening will be connected to a new section of N.C. 16 in an effort to decrease travel time to Charlotte – making NC 16 “an alternative to Interstate 77” (Observer News Enterprise).

The project has been divided into three sections:

  • Section R-3100A, which begins at Tower Rd (SR 1895) in Maiden and extends to Caldwell Rd (SR 1814) in Newton
  • Section R-3100B, which picks up at Caldwell Rd (SR 1814) and extends to Claremont Rd (SR 1801), in Newton
  • Section R-3100C, which picks up from Claremont Rd (SR 1801) and extends to Caleb Setzer (SR 1800) in Newton.



Section C has already been completed. Section A is currently underway and Section B will likely follow shortly behind.

Property Takings

This project will require taking residents’ property in order to expand NC 16. The NCDOT has set aside $4,270,000 for right-of-way acquisitions for Section B and $24,700,000 for Section A.

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