NC 65 & NC 68 Intersection Improvements

Fast Facts

NCDOT TIP # R-5823
Project Type:
Intersection improvements
Affected Counties:
Guilford, Rockingham
Estimated Affected Parcels: 40
Estimated Right-of-Way Acquisition: $10,500,000
Estimated Total Cost:  $39,100,000



Originally the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) proposed a multi-lane widening project which would widen three roadway segments of NC65/NC68 from the southernmost intersection in Stokesdale (in Guilford County) to US 220 (in Rockingham County).  During the project planning stage, studies indicated that traffic along the corridor did not warrant a multi-lane widening project, and the NCDOT is now proposing to reduce the scope of the project to intersection improvements.

Project R-5823 proposes improvements at select intersections along this corridor to reduce the incidence and severity of crashes. Intersection improvements are proposed at the following intersections:

NC 65 (Belews Creek Road) with

  • US 158
  • Ellisboro Road
  • Stokesdale Street

NC 68 with

  • NC 65/68 and NC 65 (Stonefield Cellars Winery Area)
  • Lauren Road
  • Sylvania Road/Lemons Loop
  • Lemons Loop (northern intersection)

Business and Home Owners Concerns

While improving the seven intersections in Guilford and Rockingham counties may reduce the incidence and severity of crashes along the corridor, property owners on the planned route should be aware of the changes being made and how their residential properties and commercial property may be affected by the process, construction, and resulting traffic patterns. Just compensation for highway construction takings should be provided, but you may have to fight for it.

There also may be easements issues, which can be very tricky from a property rights standpoint. Does the government want a permanent easement or a temporary easement? What is the long-term plan? We can help you understand the possible impact to your property.

As usual, property owners stand to lose some or all of their property when the government decides it’s needed for the public good. The NCDOT will make an offer, but it’s important to remember that the offer may be low. Like any other buyer, the NCDOT wants to buy as affordably as possible and may not include full just compensation in the initial offer. We can help you fight to try to obtain fair compensation!

Your property may be significantly affected by these changes. Contact us if your property will be impacted by this NC 65/NC 68 intersection improvement project, and we can discuss your circumstances.


NC 65 (Belews Creek Road) Intersection with US 158 and Ellisboro Road

Two alternates are being proposed for the intersection of NC 65 (Belews Creek Road) with US 158 and includes improvements to the Ellisboro Road and Stokesdale Street intersections.

  • Alternate 1

NC 65 (Belews Creek Road) Intersection with US 158 and Ellisboro Road Alternative 1 Map

  • Alternate 2

NC 65 (Belews Creek Road) Intersection with US 158 and Ellisboro Road Alternative 2

NC 65/NC 68 at NC 65 and NC 68, as well as NC 68 at Lauren Road  

NC 65 will be realigned to remove the skewed intersection with NC 65/NC 68. Lauren Road will be realigned at the intersection and a roundabout will be constructed.

NC 65/NC 68 at NC 65 and NC 68, as well as NC 68 at Lauren Road Map

NC 68 and Lemons Road/Sylvania Road and NC 68 and Lemons Loop

Lemons Road and Sylvania Road will be realigned, and a roundabout will be installed at this new intersection with NC 68.

Lemons Loop will be cul-de-sac’d at its southern connection to N. 68 and improvements will be made at the northern connection with NC 68.

NC 68 and Lemons Road/Sylvania Road and NC 68 and Lemons Loop Map

Schedule for #R-5823

  • Start Right-of-way acquisition– May 2024
  • Start Construction– May 2026

Affected Properties

It is estimated that this project will impact 40 properties and more than 30 owners. The project plans indicate that some owners along the route will have their property significantly impacted, including several home and business owners who will likely need to relocate plus many more who will have the highway brought much closer to their front doors.

The NCDOT has budgeted $10,500,000 for right-of-way takings, and these acquisitions are expected to begin in May 2024.

If you are one of these property owners, we urge you to take action now and call us at 1-877-393-4990 for a free case evaluation.

If your property will be affected, contact one of our attorneys (four of whom previously worked on behalf of the NCDOT) for a free case evaluation.

Since we started fighting for our clients, we’ve increased their initial offers by 208.1% on average!1 We want to help you fight for the most compensation you may deserve.

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