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Old Beatty Ford Road Widening

Fast Facts

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NCDOT Project # W-5313
Road Widening
Affected Counties:
Estimated Cost:
11,000,000 – Funded


The Old Beatty Ford Road Widening Project is an initiative by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to widen roughly 7.4 miles of Old Beatty Ford Road (SR 1221) from Lentz Road (SR 1337) to Lower Stone Road (SR 2335).

Currently the lanes on Old Beatty are 8-10 feet wide, but the NCDOT plans to replace them with 12-foot wide lanes, add a 4-foot paved shoulder with rumble strips on each side, and a drainage ditch.

The main purpose of this project is to make the road safer, according to the NCDOT. They say that the number of fatal crashes and serious accidents is higher on Old Beatty than other similar roads across the state.

Further, traffic is expected to increase from 2,900-4,000 vehicles per day (2010 numbers) to 4,100-5,800 in 2035. Traffic may be increased even further once the interchange between Old Beatty and I-85 is built.

This project will be coordinated with another DOT project to revamp the intersection of Organ Church Road and Old Beatty Ford (NCDOT Project # W-5146).

This project ranked 9th on a 2011 priority list by the Cabarrus-Rowan Metropolitan Planning Organization.



  • Right-of-way acquisition- Scheduled to begin in March, 2014
  • Construction- Scheduled to begin in September, 2015

Property Takings

Thus far the NCDOT has set aside $5,400,000 to acquire property for this project.

Some residents are very unhappy with how this project will affect their homes and have proposed other options, such as lowering the speed limit to make the road less appealing to commercial trucks, according to the Salisbury Post.

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