S New Hope Road Improvements

Fast Facts

Project Type:
Project Length: 3.8 miles
Affected Counties:
Condemning Authority: NCDOT
Estimated Affected Parcels: 200+
Estimated Cost: $115,950,000
Right-of-Way Funds: $56,940,000

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NC 279, also known as South New Hope Road in Gaston County is in line for improvements. The project was suspended several years ago and reinitiated in 2023. The project seeks to improve a 3.8 mile stretch of the road from Union New Hope Road to just east of Redbud Drive in Gastonia.

The proposed improvements will make NC 279 into a four-lane divided road. Typical sections along NC 279 will include four 12-foot travel lanes and a 23-foot median. It will also  include a 10-foot multiuse path on both sides of the road suitable for pedestrian and cyclist use that will cost less money and require less right of way than more traditional dedicated facilities for those users.

Furthermore, the NCDOT is installing “reduced conflict intersections” to decrease the number of conflict points between traffic and pedestrians. Reduced conflict intersections eliminate left turns across roads and substitute median U-turn lanes. These are often referred to as “Superstreets” or “Synchronized Streets.” While these intersections are intended to improve safety for cars and pedestrians, they also introduce a new traffic pattern and less direct access to certain businesses.

Business and Homeowner Concerns

Widening, medians, and even the reduced right-of-way required for the 10-foot paths may still amount to trouble for home and business owners along the project path. Depending on what NCDOT needs, there is potential for both homeowners and businesses to suffer significant losses to this project. The project itself could also cause numerous delays.

Expect there to be utility and/or construction easements taken, and construction easements that are “temporary” may in fact last for years. Property owners should also be extremely vigilant for damage via inverse condemnation.

What to Do if Your Property Is Affected

The NCDOT can take your land, but not your rights. The government will set aside significant funds for right-of-way acquisition over the course of this project, and then do their best not to spend it all. Property owners in the path of the project will receive offers, but if they accept that initial offer, they’re probably leaving money on the table.

You have the right to just compensation. The NCDOT’s initial offer is just the beginning – as long as you do not accept it. Fight for more. Call 1-877-393-4990 or contact us as soon as possible for a complimentary case evaluation.

We do not take an attorney’s fee unless we increase the government’s offer, and our fee only comes from the increased amount – our no fee guarantee. The initial offer is entirely yours regardless of what you do next or what we may be able to obtain. Further, we front the costs of fighting your case and if we’re unable to increase the government’s offer to you, you don’t pay them. We do. That is how confident we are that we can assist you.

Project Maps

S New Hope Road Widening Map 1

S New Hope Road Widening Map 2

S New Hope Road Widening Map 3

Estimated Project Schedule

Right of Way Acquisition – 2023

Start Construction – 2026

End Construction – 2029

Affected Parcels

It is still unclear how many properties and owners will be affected by the S New Hope Road improvements project in Gaston County, but it is estimated that more than 200 parcels will be affected. The project will include a budget of more than $56.9 million for right-of-way takings, but that number may change as plans continue to be developed.

It’s cold comfort for property owners in the path who have no choice but to sell some or all of it to the government. Whether your property is residential or commercial in nature, it is critical to understand that the government’s initial offer is just that – initial. We do not recommend you accept the initial offer. Since we’ve been in business, we’ve helped our clients get on average more than 3x their initial offer.1

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