Sugar Creek Bridge Over Railroad

Fast Facts

NCDOT TIP # U-5008
Project Type:
 New Bridge Over Railroad
Affected Counties:
Estimated Cost: $


The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), City of Charlotte, and North Carolina Railroad (NCRR) plan to build a grade separation (bridge) to carry Sugar Creek Road (SR 2975) over the North Carolina Railroad tracks in Charlotte, North Carolina. This will replace the railroad crossing at Craighead Road.

The 4.2 mile section in question begins at the intersection of Sugar Creek Road and the Plaza to the intersection of Sugar Creek Road and North Tryon Road.

The plans also include:

  • Realigning North Davidson Street to the intersection of Sugar Creek Road and Redwood Avenue and improving the intersection.
  • Extending Bearwood Avenue under the proposed Sugar Creek Road bridge to a new intersection with the realigned N. Davidson Street.
  • Constructing a new connector road from the existing Greensboro Street/East Sugar Creek Road intersection to Raleigh Street, east of the proposed Sugar Creek Road Bridge.
  • Removing the existing Northmore Street/Sugar Creek intersection.

Supporters hope this project will improve the safety of traffic and railroad passengers, improve traffic flow, reduce train horn noise, and lower the risk of vehicle/train collisions.

However, some are concerned about the potential impacts on the area’s infrastructure because Mecklenburg is the most densely populated county in North Carolina.

In Charlotte, this project and other expansions will be affecting business, land, and home owners.

The NCDOT proposes to permanently close the Craighead Road at-grade railroad crossing, as part of this project. This could severely affect the surrounding area, traffic-wise.


The Charlotte Observer: “Dirt moving for light rail to UNCC – raising high hopes for development


  • For project location, click here
  • For CRTP Project Location Map, click here
  • For Visualization Map 1, click here
  • For Visualization Map 2, click here


Right of way takings are currently underway and construction will likely begin shortly after. NCDOT officials hope to complete the project by 2017.

Property Takings

Currently $ 1,000,000 has been set aside for right-of-way takings.

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