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US 19 East Widening

Fast Facts

NCDOT TIP # R-2519 and B-3268
Project Type:
Road Widening
Affected Counties:
Yancey, Mitchell
Estimated Cost:


In 2012, US 19 East was widened to become a four-lane highway between I-26 and Jacks Creek Road, just west of Burnsville.

Now the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) plans to convert another section of the two-lane road to four-lanes from SR1186 (west of Micaville, Yancey County) to the existing multilane section (west of Spruce Pine, Mitchell County).

This 7.45 mile section passes through the heart of Burnsville, the biggest town in Yancey County. Supporters hope this will boost economic growth, tourism and relieve congestion as Interstates 26 and 40 will become more accessible.

However, some are concerned about the potential impacts on the area’s rural lifestyle and scenic splendor.

In Burnsville, the road runs parallel to Main Street – a road lined with gift shops, galleries and boutiques. Due to this and other developments, many homes and businesses will be impacted by this project.

This project is being funded and built in two sections (R-2519A and R-2519B).



  • Right-of-way acquisition – since January 2012
  • Construction – February 2014
  • Completion– July 2015

Property Takings

More than 250 properties will be affected by this project – including 18 businesses, 6 churches, and even a fire department. Some of these property owners will be required to relocate.

Currently, the DOT has set aside $22,000,000 for right-of-way takings and takings are already underway.

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