US 70 Freeway Upgrades

Fast Facts

NCDOT TIP # R-5777A & R-5777B & R-5777C
Project Type: Intersection Improvements & Freeway Upgrades
Affected County: Craven
Condemning Authority: NCDOT
Estimated Cost: $275,161,000 (for Section C)
Estimated Right-of-Way Cost: $29,130,000 (for Section C)

Project Description

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) plans to make improvements to the intersection of US 70 & Taberna Way by converting the intersection to an interchange and extending Taberna Way to Old Cherry Point Road at its current intersection with Hall Road. (Section A). It also plans to improve the intersection of US 70 and West/East Thurman Road by Brice’s Creek Bible Church by changing the at-grade intersection to an interchange (Section B). Right-of-way acquisitions for Sections A and B have been completed and construction is underway for these sections.

Additionally, Section C of this project involves upgrading U.S. 70 in Craven County to interstate standards from the Havelock Bypass to east of Thurman Road, as well as constructing service roads to provide alternate access to those property owners who may their direct access to the upgraded interstate.

These projects are part of NCDOT’s larger plan (R-5777) to improve an 8.6-mile section of US 70 – one of the primary east-west corridors across eastern North Carolina. Serving as a connector between the port at Morehead City, military bases in Havelock and Goldsboro, and the Global TransPark in Kinston, the NCDOT has identified the US 70 as an essential road in assisting economic development. It asserts that this project will improve traffic flow as well as provide  better access to local community services.

US 70 Improvements Project Seminar

Business and Home Owners Concerns

While these US 70 improvements may improve traffic flow generally, and access to some businesses along the corridor, property owners on the planned route should be aware of the changes being made and how their residential properties and commercial property may be affected by the process, construction, and resulting traffic patterns. Just compensation for highway construction takings should be provided, but you may have to fight for it.

There also may be easements issues, which can be very tricky from a property rights standpoint. Does the government want a permanent easement or a temporary easement? What is the long-term plan? We can help you understand the possible impact to your property.

As usual, property owners stand to lose some or all of their property when the government decides it’s needed for the public good. The NCDOT will make an offer, but it’s important to remember that the offer may be low. Like any other buyer, the NCDOT wants to buy as affordably as possible and may not include full just compensation in the initial offer. We can help you fight to try to obtain fair compensation!

Your property may be significantly affected by these changes. Contact us if your property will be impacted by these US 70 improvements projects, and we can discuss your circumstances.


R-5777C Aerial Map

R-5777 All Sections Aerial Map


  • Right-of-way acquisition – Spring 2024 for R-5777C
  • Start construction – Fall 2024 for R-5777C
  • End construction – Fall 2025 for R-5777A & R-5777B, 2028 for R-5777C

Affected Properties

It is estimated that more than 200 parcels of property will be impacted by the R-5777C project, representing a substantial portion of the over 300 parcels impacted by the entire R-5777 project. Currently, the NCDOT has set aside $29,130,000 for right-of-way takings.

If your property will be affected, contact one of our attorneys (four of whom previously worked on behalf of the NCDOT) for a free case evaluation.

We want to help you fight for the most compensation you may deserve.

Since we started fighting for our clients, we’ve increased their initial offers by 197% on average!1


US 70 Improvements Project Seminar

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