NC 16 (Providence Road South) Widening

Fast Facts

Project Type:
Road widening
Project Length: 5.7 miles
Affected Counties: Union
Condemning Authority: NCDOT
Estimated Affected Parcels:
Total Project Cost: $
Total Project Cost: $ 25,201,000


Widen NC 16 (Providence Road South) from SR 1316 (Rea Road) to SR 3530 (Waxhaw Parkway)

The NCDOT claims that congestion and left turns slow travel and reduce safety on Providence Road and proposes to make improvements to NC 16 (Providence Road South) between SR 1316 (Rea Road) and SR 3530 (Waxhaw Parkway).

The NCDOT proposes to widen 5.7 miles of NC 16 (Providence Road South) to four lanes, construct a median between SR 1316 (Rea Road) and SR 3530 (Waxhaw Parkway), and incorporate reduced conflict intersections to accommodate the projected increase in traffic (from 20,000 vehicles a day currently to 46,000 in 2040). The affected intersections follow:

  • Superstreet intersections are proposed at Sunset Mill Road and Gray Byrum Road. The superstreet intersection will direct drivers who want to go left to instead go right onto Providence Road, proceed a short distance, and then make a u-turn from a dedicated turn lane.
  • Michigan Left intersections are proposed for the Kensington Drive, New Town Road, and Rea Road intersections with Providence Road. Drivers on these side streets can go straight or turn right. To go left, they would first turn right and then make a u-turn at the median crossover. At the same intersection, motorists on Providence Road who want to go left would go straight through the intersection, make a u turn from the dedicated turn lane, and then turn right onto their intended side street.

Business and Home Owners Concerns

The Providence Road South widening may accommodate increased traffic, reduce existing and future congestion, and improve safety conditions, but property owners on the planned route should be aware of the changes being made and how their residential properties and commercial property may be affected by the process, construction, and resulting traffic patterns. Just compensation for highway construction takings should be provided, but you may have to fight for it.

There also may be easements issues, which can be very tricky from a property rights standpoint. Does the government want a permanent easement or a temporary easement? What is the long-term plan? We can help you understand the possible impact to your property.

As usual, property owners stand to lose some or all of their property when the government decides it’s needed for the public good. The NCDOT will make an offer, but it’s important to remember that the offer may be low. Like any other buyer, the NCDOT wants to buy as affordably as possible and may not include full just compensation in the initial offer. We can help you fight to try to obtain fair compensation!

Your property may be significantly affected by these changes. Contact us if your property will be impacted by this NC 16 (Providence Road South) road widening project, and we can discuss your circumstances.



Waxhaw Parkway to Kingston Drive Map

Ski Trail Lane to Cuthbertson Road Map

Sunset Mill Road to Calistoga Lane Map

Cutters Spring Drive to Woodmont Drive Map

New Town Road to Ennis Road Map

Shermingham Way to Old Mill Road Map


  • Right-of-Way Acquisitions – FY2023 – FY2028
  • Utilities – FY2023 – FY2025
  • Construction – FY2024, FY2028 – FY2029

Affected Properties

It is estimated that this project will impact more than 170 properties. The NCDOT has estimated right-of-way takings of $25,201,000, and these acquisitions are expected to take place in FY2023-FY2028.

If you are one of the property owners whose home, property, or business will be affected by this project, we urge you to take action now. Contact one of our attorneys (four of whom previously worked on behalf of the NCDOT) for a free case evaluation.

We want to help you fight for the most compensation you may deserve.

Since we started fighting for our clients, we’ve increased their initial offers by 197%!1

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