North Carolina Eminent Domain Lawyers

Former NCDOT Eminent Domain Lawyers Share Why They Now Work for YOU

When the NCDOT contacts you with documents to take your property for a new roadway or other state project, it can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Can they really condemn and take ownership of your home or business just like that?

Yes. They can.

Wouldn't it be comforting if you could talk to an attorney at the NCDOT who is sympathetic to your situation and could help guide you through the confusing and overwhelming condemnation and negotiation process? Or better yet, an attorney who used to work for the NCDOT who could give you the "inside scoop." Someone, for example, whose loyalties are now with the people - not the government.

You can! And although there aren't many of these attorneys in North Carolina, you'll find two of them right here at the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm.

Our Leaders - Former High-Level NCDOT Attorneys

Stan Abrams and Jason Campbell used to negotiate on behalf of the North Carolina Department of Transportation as NC assistant attorneys general. One was even the primary attorney on the largest case the agency had ever faced at that point in time.

Why did they leave? Here's their story...

While the NCDOT has hundreds of resources at their fingertips to fight property owners, we saw too many property owners who didn't have the benefit of experienced legal representation leave good money on the bargaining table. That's the primary reason we left to join the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm.

Having been on the "other side," we know all too well the overwhelming difficulties property owners (and some lawyers) are likely to face when going up against the NCDOT's seemingly endless supply of resources. We've lived through their processes and procedures.

To an Outsider the NCDOT Is Like a Black Box

Admittedly, the NCDOT is a complex world of information and policies and procedures that can be difficult to navigate. Attorney Campbell reflects with an analogy, "To an outsider the NCDOT is like a black box. Who has the power to make decisions there? What type of power do they have? What types of decisions can they make? If I get a 'no' in one place can I get a 'yes' someplace else? If I need information from the NCDOT, who do I talk to? It's hard for people who have not worked there to really understand it."

To Us, the NCDOT Is a Goldfish Bowl

Because we worked on behalf of the NCDOT, we can often clearly see what's going on under the surface. More often than not, we know who to talk to, how to get to decision makers and how to find out specific information. We also know who to bypass because they don't have the authority to make the decisions we need made. We know how to work through the chain of command effectively and efficiently without getting caught in the weeds.

And because we worked on behalf of the state, we've handled many types of cases all across the state.


We've Harvested Best Practices

Because this is all we've done for 25+ years between the two of us, we've seen the best practices of many of the attorneys throughout the state (including those at the NCDOT), and we've been able to harvest from those best practices.

Working statewide from the coastal plains to the mountains, we've seen almost every problem that could potentially arise. Some eminent domain attorneys in, say, the eastern part of the state may not know what works well in Charlotte and vice versa. Different types of terrain will beget a different set of circumstances and potential issues you may need to overcome for the property owner.

We've Made Note of Oversights

Condemning agencies, such as the NCDOT, are no different than any other entity with overworked people and understaffed departments. They might have one or two appraisers doing the work on 200 properties for a project." There are timelines and deadlines. No matter how good an appraiser is, they're only human - mistakes can sometimes be made.

We Know many of the NCDOT Lawyers - and They Know Us

Knowing the lawyers you're up against could make a difference in negotiations and trial. And since we've worked alongside many of the NCDOT attorneys you may face in negotiations or in court, we may be familiar with some of their strategies and can let you know what to expect.

The NCDOT knows what kind of work we do, our abilities, our knowledge. And they know we know what they know.


We Know the Decision Makers

You can't work with these people for all those years and not develop relationships. We know the processes and procedures, and how certain people may tend to do certain things - their routine practices and preferences.  And we try to work within those individual boundaries.

We Know Peoples' Strong Suits

Just like the rest of us, appraisers, engineers, environmentalists, land planners, economists, and others have certain strengths. Knowing what these strengths are has sometimes given us an advantage.

In one case, for example, a business we represented lost the majority of their driveways, and this severely impacted the property and the business. Yet the NCDOT maintained that the business would not be impacted, so they stood firm that the owner should not be compensated for that. Because of our past relationships, we knew the right experts to contact to help show the NCDOT just how severe of an impact their taking would cause. We provided strong evidence to back that up, and subsequently the NCDOT more than doubled their original offer*.

We've Handled Cases All Over the Map

Literally and figuratively. We've handled condemnation cases throughout North Carolina and on many different types of projects too - from complex multi-million dollar highways to minor sidewalk easements. Each project and each area of the state comes with its own unique set of circumstances - and potential problems. Negotiating what may seem like a simple easement, for example, in the eastern part of the state where wetlands are common, can be very different and much more challenging for the uninitiated, than handling an easement in the western part of the state, where topography and drainage are less of an issue.

Having handled hundreds of cases statewide over the years combined, we have refined our ability to present land valuations convincingly in courtrooms across North Carolina. With each case and each negotiation, we've built relationships with experts throughout the state, from nearly every type of related field.

We Want to Put Our Unique Experience to Work for YOU

We left the NCDOT because we care about people like you. We saw too many property owners leaving good money on the table when trying to go at it alone, or because they didn't hire an experienced eminent domain attorney.

Think you can't afford to hire the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm? Think again. We work on a contingency basis. This means that if we don't get you additional compensation over what the government offered you for your property, we don't recover an attorney's fee.

If you want inside experience on your side, click here to contact our office today, or call us any time, 24/7, at 1-877-393-4990.


* Cases or matters referenced do not represent the law firm's entire record. Each case is unique and must be evaluated on its own merits. We do not represent that similar results will be achieved in future cases.


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