North Carolina Eminent Domain Lawyers

Straight Answers from Former NCDOT Eminent Domain Attorney

When the government threatens to take your land under the right of eminent domain, your life can become real complicated real fast.

Simple, Straightforward, Fast Answers

If you’re like most, you have lots of questions. You want simple answers from knowledgeable sources, and you want them now. For starters, what exactly is eminent domain and can you stop it from happening to you?

That’s why we developed these short educational videos featuring Eminent Domain Attorney Stan Abrams. Before Stan decided he would rather represent individual property owners as lead counsel for the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm, he was an Assistant Attorney General for the State of North Carolina. (In other words he represented “the other side.”)

Hear a Former NCDOT Attorney’s Perspective

“Working for the state, I saw a real need for someone to help guide the individual property owner throughout this process and try to help them get a fair shake,” Stan said. “The state has hundreds of experts and lawyers at their disposal to help ensure they get a good deal. But the individual property owners – what resources do they have? It’s not a fair fight, in my opinion.”

As one of Stan’s clients put it, “He’ll know both ends of the rope. And that’s a good person to know.”

NC Eminent Domain Law Firm Offers a Free Case Evaluation

While these videos offer simple answers to straightforward questions, eminent domain laws can be extremely complex, and each land taking situation comes with its own unique set of circumstances. That is why we always urge anyone facing land condemnation to contact us or call 1-877-393-4990 for a free case evaluation. We’ll be happy to try to answer your questions as they relate to your own circumstances.